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Concrete refurbishment with high pressure technology


The renovation of the building requires the removal of damaged concrete in order to re-board and concrete the parts. The removal of damaged or weathered concrete exposes the iron or steel reinforcement. The concrete removal is possible with electric or pneumatic tools, with dry particle jets or with high pressure water jet technology. For the removal of concrete, the high pressure water jet technique is highly recommended.


The exposure of reinforcement or steel mesh is very gentle. The water jet only removes the concrete and does not damage the steel. The complete process is free of oscillation and vibration. This prevents cracking in the remaining concrete structure. The removal rate can be regulated precisely and there is no wear on the removal tool. The water used does not generate chemical or thermal stress and is environmentally friendly. During work, neither sparking nor excessive dust formation occurs.

 The water jet method allows precise work. Adjacent facades or brick work are spared from damage. It can even be used underwater.