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Heat exchanger cleaning


Almost all types of heat exchangers are easy to clean with high - pressure water. Whether in pipe bundle heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers or spiral heat exchangers, the removal of deposits such as lime , bitumen and other  process media by high pressure is thorough and at the same time gentle on materials .

 A cleaned heat exchanger increases process efficiency and ensures high energy savings . The high-pressure cleaning can be used for both internal and external cleaning . Even complex-shaped pipes or heat exchangers in the explosion-proof area can be easily cleaned with the appropriate cleaning system. LiFeng develops and produces special systems for the automated cleaning of spiral heat exchangers .

A special advantage of the high pressure water cleaning method : Unlike mechanical cleaning, water does not damage the heat exchanger . Cleaning tools include rigid and flexible lances, as well as nozzles, pump units, foot valves, and retaining devices . Pipe bundles can be cleaned centrally at a washing position . For the large variety of heat exchangers , our company offers a wide range of accessories .