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10 common problems when doing ship hull corrosion maintenance


Corrosion on board steel vessels is an inevitable occurrence that we will have to deal with best possible. This corrosion may appear from multiple reasons but the solution is almost always the same.

To achieve  this we will need to know what good surface preparation is, and what problems we should avoid.

Problems we do:


deck cleaning by brush

General cleaning

1. Salt is not washed away.
2. Oil is not removed sufficiently by detergent.
3. Dirt is not removed.

Cleaning should be done prior starting the surface preparation and before each coating. If in doubt clean.

Onboard corrosion training

Surface preparation

4. The corrosion is not properly removed
5. The surface is not rough
6. The remaining paint have not been feathered and roughened

These mistakes are usually caused by not knowing the surface quality needed and using in-efficient tools that can’t do the job.

measuring stick


7. The Humidity too high (or low) when painting.

8. Insufficient thickness of primer is applied.

9. Poor mixing of the paint.

10. Too short or too long interval between coatings.


How the mistakes affect us

85 % failes due to poor surface preparation

About 85% of corrosion is by insufficient surface preparation.

Lowering this will lead to a huge saving in cost, man powers and repairs

The remaining 15 % is mainly caused by mechanical impact, stress, heat, cold, chemicals or other external factors.

We can try to minimize this, but on a working vessel spanners will be dropped and fire hoses will be dragged over the deck.


Having a structured corrosion strategy will help the crew to avoid these mistakes and to do efficient maintenance every time.

Post time: Aug-14-2020