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High Pressure Cleaner of Ship Hulls


The high pressure cleaner eliminate biological fouling caused by algae, mussels and other organisms in a targeted and gentle process under high pressure.


Over time, algae, mussels, worms and other marine life will deposit on the hull. This so-called biological pollution has two types of effects. Due to the attachment of marine life, the hull of the ship becomes rough, which increases the resistance of the hull and therefore increases the energy required at a given speed. In addition, due to the environment created by the biofilm on the hull, the risk of corrosion on the hull increases.

The use of high-pressure pump-driven nozzle technology to remove organisms is an effective way to clean the hull. The LiFeng high-pressure system has been established in this application area for many years: With the help of a manual spray gun system and a pressure of up to 700 bar, the hull can be completely cleaned by high-pressure water spray.

The high-pressure waten gun and the rotating nozzle are used as accessories for the LiFeng high-pressure plunger pump. It not only has a high level of gun controllability, but also has the ability to effectively clean a large area. Obtain surface cleanliness according to international standards WJ-3 and WJ-4.

In addition to cleaning, paint removal is required so that new corrosion protection agents can be applied later. It is best to use Ship Hull Crawler with working pressure up to 2500 bar. In this way, using our high voltage system can achieve WJ-1 and WJ-2.

electric motor (4)LFB2A-S高压泵


Post time: Jul-06-2020