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Why Our Customers Love our Wuxi Lifeng Pump Industrial company?


Product Demos 

Thinking about getting into automation or want to know about the latest in water blast technology? Our branch locations can provide live product demos and even give you the opportunity to operate the equipment before you buy or rent it. Want to showcase our technology to asset owners or don’t have time to come to our branch? Our Branch Managers can schedule an offsite demo using our demo trailer.  


Quality Assurance

This pump is Germany KAMAT company design, manufacture in China.Piston stroke length, crank shaft rotational speed is low, the crankshaft forced lubrication, oil cooler. The unit water system downtime. Stuffing box.spacer,valve core,valve seat,imports to the United states. Industrial-grade stainless steel pump. Stainless steel flange ultra clean filter, filtration precision 15 microns



Contact  with our Knowledgeable Team conveniently.

we make it as easy as possible for you to access some of the most experienced staff in the industry.Whether you are using a tool for the first time, renting a piece of automation, or need advice on how to clean a tough application, we are there to answer questions and provide guide.Meanwhile, we have largest engineering team in the industry. If you encounter a problem requiring engineering review, your branch representative can get on the horn and collaborate with our engineering department to give you the best solution possible. When you answer the question, you can be assured that you know how to use our product. 


All accessory equipment completely

We provide perfect accessory equipment. Our goal is to get you back to work as quickly as possible.If you have any needs, we can help you prepare the accessory then make your equipment operating quickly.


Reasonable Price

We show a great price to all our customer under the prerequisite of guaranteeing quality.


Fast Delivery

We ensure you have convenient access to our team and our tools. Our factory have fast delivery, make it as easy as possible for you to get what you need. 


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