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WuXi LiFeng Pump Provide Road Marking Removal Services FOR 20 YEARS

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Choose  Wuxi Lifeng company for Your Road Marking Removal Needs

Historically road marking removal has proved to be a difficult challenge, and many methods have been used that have not always provided satisfactory solutions. As road markings are designed to be both permanent and highly visible, removing them can be problematic. This is why our wuxi Lifeng company provide excellent road marking removal services. 

In the past some have tried to either paint over the existing road markings, cover them with a thin layer of tar or gone to the extreme length of removing the sections of marked road and relaying it. These expensive, time consuming and incomplete solutions no longer need to be resorted to we can offer a unique, complete service for road marking removal.

Why Do People Need to Remove Road Markings?

Circumstances in which road markings need to be removed are quite common. Usually, companies that vacate premises will leave its specific process mark on the site and the name or number assigned to the parking space.  Frequently the purpose or restrictions of a stretch of road change, meaning that the existing markings are no longer applicable but could confuse motorists and cyclists if left where they are. We use powerful machines to ensure that road marking removal is removed in an accurate and effective manner.

How Our Road Marking Removal Services Work

Our equipment is used to deploy a ultra-high pressure water jet onto the road surface. The equipment is specially modified for this purpose and uses rotary and sapphire tipped nozzles to remove the thermoplastic road markings from the surface. The precision and control offered by these nozzles ensures that only the road markings are removed, with the surface of the road being unaffected.

Our equipment is also designed to significantly reduce the amount of vibration caused by use, meaning no secondary structural damage is caused. As this system of road marking removal uses only five gallons of water per minute, it is also a highly eco-friendly system. We take pride in the fact that the system exceeds the criteria for ISO recognition and all Health & Safety standards.




Post time: Aug-21-2020